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Mission Statement
Unite in a cooperative venture to create effective and efficient property tax solutions for the County of Riverside
Riverside County's legacy property tax system was developed in 1972 and ran in a traditional mainframe computer environment based on an expansive hierarchical database. Although it served Riverside well, numerous technological, operational, economic, and administrative business factors affected the County's use of this system and mandated the replacement of this aging property tax system.

The offices of the Riverside County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder, Treasurer-Tax Collector, and Auditor-Controller joined forces in 2006 to take on this complex task. The offices formed the County of Riverside Enterprise Solutions for Property Taxation (CREST) project to re-engineer and to replace the County's property tax system. The CREST project created plans to design, develop, and implement a new Integrated Property Tax Management System (IPTMS) for the County's three property tax departments. The new IPTMS will modernize procedures, improve efficiency, add flexibility, and ultimately replace the County's existing property tax system.

This replacement spanned several years through multiple phases. In May 2009, CREST completed a phase to analyze and document the current property tax system and the complex business processes for each property tax department. Additionally, CREST identified process improvements to the County's property tax system. These current business processes and proposed changes produced over 5,600 requirements that served as the basis for a Request for Proposal (RFP) for implementation of the new IPTMS.

In October 2010, the Board of Supervisors approved the proposed CREST project contract with Manatron (now Thomson Reuters – Aumentum) for the development and implementation of IPTMS. Upon completion, IPTMS will mark a new era of efficiency and flexibility for property tax administration within Riverside County.

CREST Sponsors:
• Peter Aldana – Elected County Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder
• Jon Christensen - Elected County Treasurer-Tax Collector
• Paul Angulo, CPA, MA-Mgmt – Elected County Auditor-Controller

CREST Project Manager:
• Krista Rovello – Information Technology Officer

CREST Project Team:
• 4 CREST team members
• 6 Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder team members
• 6 Treasurer-Tax Collector team members
• 5 Auditor-Controller team members
• 2 Contractors
• Thomson Reuters Aumentum Teams